About Foveo Tech

Foveo Tech is a Professional Building Insulation System - a wide range of solutions based on excellent quality of decorative plasters available in a rich palette of colours. They are widely used in both newly built and existing buildings, as well as single and multi family housing. These are excellent materials for renovating buildings for thermal insulation, structural protection and exterior appearance.

The brand name refers to heat, care, security. It is derived from the Latin word FOVEO - I keep warm and heat (according to the Latin-Polish dictionary PWN). The logo colours are associated with the name - orange symbolizes the heat that is “kept" by the surrounding graphite and grey layers that represent the thermal insulation system.


Foveo Tech is a philosophy of "Protect & Decorate" whose main goal is to improve the quality of our lives by providing the right conditions for work and leisure. It is based on ensuring adequate protection of buildings and care for aesthetics of space both in creation of new building facades and renovation of already existing buildings. "Protect & Decorate" also stands for protecting the environment as a result of reduced demand for electricity, gas, fuel oil and coal.

FOVEO TECH products are based on a special combination of components that allow easy application while maintaining very good adhesion properties to the substrate. Adequately configured additives regulate the open time of the product allowing for easy application and, in the case of plasters, a sufficient amount of time to obtain a desired texture without a risk of premature bonding.
FOVEO TECH facade paints contain a special rheological composition that prevent a paint from splashing during application.

Buildings are very often exposed to microorganisms that destroy them. Development of algae and moulds is increased by moisture penetrating the texture of non-insulated walls. FOVEO TECH products are based on a laboratory-developed formula that perfectly prevents development of destructive factors. Special preparations provide healthy and aesthetic facades, resistant to microbial corrosion.

BioCare Technology, preventing walls and ceilings corrosion, at the same time provides clean indoor air and protects health of the people living there.