How to match facade colours to brown roof?

Facade and roof colours should be harmonious, therefore a colour selection is incredibly important and difficult. This kind of decision cannot be made hot-headedly, based solely on your own imagination. Fortunately, we can make a facade and roof simulation.

Facade and roof colour simulation - how does it work?

Facade and roof colour simulation consists in testing various colour compositions, in order to match the most harmonious colours with each other. By taking advantage of a remarkably simple and self-explanatory computer program we can carry out a visualisation of facade and roof colours, including windows, doors, plinths and decorative elements.

Facade and roof colour

While building your house, a decision related to selection of facade and roof colour is made at the very end, not realizing how strong impact colours have on the building’s style and character. Only at the moment of visualisation of facade and roof colours we can realize whether the desirable solution really lives up to our expectations, aesthetic canons and the area surrounding our home.

Facade and roof colour simulation

Based on an example of a house with characteristic elements for the traditional style we can see how the colour change can transform our house. Brick roof, warm shade of walls and planks in light brown colour make our house look more classical, cosy and homelike. Light colour of facade and roof will perfectly match the suburban residential areas surrounded by greenery. In the second presentation, thanks to the eye-catching brown tile and the expressive colour of the facade, the home gained a completely different look - more modern and expressive.

Building facade colours to brown roof

Architects and developers often decide to choose a brown roof. All brown shades - light, dark and auburn - are perceived positively by most people, they are associated with safety and harmony. This static and safe colour is an excellent starting point for colouring walls, plinths and decorative elements. Brown is both neutral and expressive, making it perfectly suited to a very wide range of colours.

Brown roof - warm facade shades

Warm and naturally neutral brown like a company of colours with similar properties, so it is definitely worth combining them with colours from the same colour family. Brown roof is a strong and relatively dark element of the house, so applying this solution should be a bit balanced, by using bright shades of the facade. To achieve a cosy and eye-catching effect, sand, beige and caramel colours are recommended.

On the other hand, we must be careful with yellow and orange, which are quite vivid colours. A yellow or orange facade may be too bold and bright in combination with the brown roof. While picking a yellow or orange facade and a brown roof, it is worth putting on pastel colours.

Brown roof - cold facade shades

Combining brown with cold colours perfectly fits modern and minimalist homes. Popular is a combination of brown with grey, but not only - a very interesting colour mix is the correlation between brown and blue. A sky-blue or turquoise facade of the house is an unusual and fresh solution. It resembles exclusive, coastal villas of the south of Europe. Brown tiles can tone down the surprising effect, by restoring balance and stability.

Green facade will also perfectly match brown tiles - while choosing violet facade, we need to take into consideration the colours of neighbouring houses and surroundings. This solution will work for homes surrounded by lush vegetation, built on the edge of forests or lakes.