Combination of wooden and stone surfaces with plaster on facades of single-family houses

Stone or maybe wood? A long time ago a "lamb” texture was predominant on facades, nowadays a contrasting combination is more popular, i.e. a duo of cladding with plaster.

A combination of two different materials as regards texture and colour turned out to be a hit - stone and plaster or wood and plaster, the last one definitely in subdued and natural colours.

Wooden facade section

It makes our home the part of the surrounding environment, and not only a colourful blot. It does not matter whether the ideal plaster will be accompanied by exotic wood species (more durable and with original colour, such as Tatajuba and Okume) or e.g. coniferous (cheaper and featuring different technical parameters such as larch, fir, pine, spruce . Everything depends on the effect we want to obtain, this also applies to the manner the wooden part of the facade is arranged: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. (The best effect will be to lay planks vertically, as the rain water will not retain on the joints.)

Stone facade section

It is also ideal for house facades - stone is marvellous, resistant to impact of weather conditions, and above all, very durable. Recently it has become very popular - primarily due to return to nature. Ideally, if it is placed only on selected parts of the facade - otherwise it will make the body look overwhelming - mainly around windows and entrance doors, plinths or the lowest sections of the house.
There are many types of stones. Limestone (the best for arcade, where it is not be exposed to rain and snow), granite (can be used everywhere), travertine, hard sandstone and slate with slightly metallic glaze.

Colour matters

Cold shades, subdued and natural are trendy. However, beige, orange and roses are predominant with a light shade of grey.

Wooden facade section provides the body with cosiness, charm and elegance, whereas stone - solidity. And additionally - lightness - when combined with plaster. When colour is combined with wood or stone, usually it “twines” the entire house, imparting elegance to it. Also, it can also divide the building into storeys, rooms or their functions - often garage is marked this way. This solution is only for bold ones, since this colour touch attracts attention a lot.