From Colorium to William Beaver House - the most interesting and coloured skyscrapers in the world

Vivid orange, canary yellow and intense violet - skyscrapers’ facades don’t have to be dull at all. Among them we can find the ones featuring all the rainbow colours.

Architects all over the world depart from one-colour skyscrapers - in different parts of the globe they opt for non-standard colour solutions. Beneath we present the most interesting ones.

Colorium in Düsseldorf (Germany)

It’s hard to guess what colour is missing here. There is blue and red. Also, canary yellow and vivid green. And each colour is used in a random combination. As if that weren't enough, the 62-meter facade is finished with red roof.

F&F Tower in Panama

Although it may impress by the shape itself (spiral) and the height (243 meters), attention is drawn mainly to the glass facade beginning from the street level to the spire. By reflecting light it features all the rainbow colours.

First World Hotel in Genting (Malaysia).

Selection of colours (rainbow) and patterns (arch sections) were supposed to break the routine. And effect? Many still don’t believe that the skyscraper exits for real - for them it is a construction made of Lego blocks.

Herkules-Hochhaus in Colony (Germany)

A 102-meter cuboid resembles the Jenga, a popular team game - but colourful. Although only three colours (blue, orange and pink) were used to paint the body, both their choice and non-standard pattern allowed to revive the building from 1960s.

Oficinas en el Parque in Monterrey (Mexico)

The facades painted in a saturated violet shade - firstly they attract our attraction, standing out from the rest of the buildings. Moreover, as if the colour was not enough, the glassy wall -reflects a large amount of the sunlight (which Mexico never lacks).

Varyap Meridian in Istanbul (Turkey)

It’s a complex of several skyscrapers - the tallest building is almost 190 meters - and each one reflects the light of the setting sun. What’s important, the colours overlap and form an original mosaic.

William Beaver House in New York (USA)

A skyscraper visible from the distance - yellow and black panels can be found on 47 storeys. It was ensured to arrange them regularly so that they could form geometric patterns.