Beige and brown colour

Brown shades are derived from red, yellow and orange, with a blend of black and / or grey.
These colours are associated with earth colours, dry grass, coffee, ripe grain and wood, ensuring a sense of solidity and warmth. Many brown shades are known in paintings such as sienna, ochre and umber, called commonly “earths”.
Since ancient times brown has been present in architecture through numerous materials: wicker, clay, wood and bricks for erecting walls and straw and shingles to cover roofs.  In modern architecture this colour is primarily connected with wood used as facade cladding and windows and doors, as well as bricks/ clinker. It is the most popular colour - apart from red - for roofs.  As a colour for facade plasters dark brown is recommended for small wall sections.  Light beige can be successfully used in combination with shades of a particular colour family, but with a higher saturation.  Interesting effects can be obtained by combining browns and blues.

Author:  Justyna-Tarajko Kowalska