Harmonious composition - application of two colours on facades on single-family houses

Selection of two facade colours is a great challenge. Their harmonious composition can not only widen or narrow the house, but also optically enlarge the body.

Colours as a solution to improve the house’s image and proportions? Yes, it’s possible. You must only bear in mind a few principles.

Strong colour just below roof

If we paint a wide horizontal stripe just below the roof in the upper part of the facade, then the building will look lower and wider. It’s a solution particularly recommended for two or three-storey buildings. The stronger effect we want to obtain, the more intense the paint shade must be and it must differ from the rest of the facade colour.

Divided facade

If we really want to narrow the building, a solution might be to provide a vertical offset in the house’s body, including its central part and next paint it in a different paint colour. It’s worth cutting it off the exiting colour.

Order first of all

When arrangement of windows is random (and it is beyond our control), we can join them optically by putting them in a large colourful frame. Thanks to that they will become the most important element of the composition, and this will be the goal.

Body division

And if the house consists of two bodies? In order to make them lighter, it’s worth painting them in two separate colours, even contrasting ones, e.g. white and black (bottom part). It’s a good idea, because it will enable us to finish the building in an effective and original way.

Harmonious composition, that is?

It’s better to avoid combining contrasting and dark colours (the latter might be prone to overheating). The best composition might be, for example, a light colour (plain white or beige) with other its shade (or, e.g. grey and its intermediate colours, including graphite or silver). The smaller the contrast, the better. Similarly, the colder the colour, the better. Warm combination are not fashionable now, if so, they refer to subduing grey with green, yellow, orange or pink shades.
Another solution is to take advantage of the colours used on the roof or shutters - it will make the facade look in order, and the facade itself will look more attractive.