Green colour

Green is a colour of nature. Among colours of green there are nearly a thousand shades recognizable by the human eye - from pistachios, through saturated green of grass, malachite colours, olives to green leaves of trees.
Green can be both warm - close to yellow, as well as cold - bluish. Green, with unlimited number of tonal variants, can be harmonious with other colours such as brown and yellow - especially "cooler" green ones. Green used on facades is primarily linking a building with nature. Bluish green and turquoise are rarely found in nature, thus they may look artificially on the facade. It’s hard to harmonize them with the landscape. The best option is to take advantage of warm greens in combination with wood elements. Dark green for walls is recommended as colour for details. Green can be also applied on large architectural buildings in order to blend them into the environment (camouflage).

Author: Justyna-Tarajko Kowalska