Pikes in Hańcza and leisure in Landscape Park in Suwałki

Fishing is a never ending adventure that generates energy and allows us to clear our mind. When combined with relaxation, especially in the bosom of beautiful nature, it is probably the best way to spend a few days of holidays. Looking for places that will provide us with fishing excitement and at the same time offer peace and quiet, we should definitely visit the Landscape Park in Suwałki and cast a fishing rod in the crystal clear waters of Hańcza lake.

In contact with nature

Landscape Park in Suwałki covers an area of nearly 6,500 hectares and is the oldest landscape park in Poland. It was founded in 1976 to protect the unusually beautiful and unique landscape and natural resources, including in particular the flora. Thanks to the glacier that passed through this areas thousands of years ago, leaving countless lakes and hills, we can admire marvellous and spreading views. Within the park there are also two rivers - Szeszupa and Czarna Hańcza - being a home to many wonderful species of animals and birds, such as beavers, grass snakes or duck hawks. Hańcza lake is the heart of the park - the most beautiful in terms of nature and the most teeming with fish lake in the area. This lake is the main goal of numerous anglers from entire Poland, dreaming about catching a huge pike, whitefish or vendaces, which can still be found in Hańcza.

Hańcza pikes

Pike is the most common predatory fish in the waters of Hańcza lake. Its population is well developed here as a result of many factors such as clean water, many spawning grounds and excellent availability of small species of whitefish - roaches and white breams. Thanks to that Hańcza pikes grow really fast and are characterized by a decent weight. Quite often we can read in fishing magazines about a record fish of this species caught in this particular lake. Both professionals and amateurs of fishing can be almost sure of catching a nice pike here - areas where it can be found are plenty such as underwater meadows and reed beds, and access to floating means, thanks to the well-developed tourist facilities in the region, is very simple. A comfortable boat with engine can be hired in almost every port or guesthouse with access to the water. The best fishing techniques are of course spinning and trolling, however the first one is a lot more convenient and contributes to greater emotions. The northern and western part of the lake, with bays and reeds, is an excellent spot to cast a rod, and the most courageous anglers, who dream of encountering a really big fish, should also visit 20-meter depths in the eastern part.

Leisure first of all

While heading off to Hańcza it is necessary to take into consideration that it is a huge lake, whose sailing even in a boat equipped with a powerful engine, takes a long time. Under no circumstances should we venture into the middle of the lake in a boat with paddles only, due to the fact that the weather is capricious there. It is not unusual to catch pike in this lake and we do not really have to look for it - it is enough to sail the nearby bay, not far from the shore, and catch the desirable fish in peace without too much effort.