The Great Masurian Lake District

Widely understood fishing tourism is developing in Poland at an express pace. Increasingly, anglers set off on smaller and larger journeys to explore new fisheries and look for new experiences.

In terms of geography, our country is literally created for this type of activity - we have access to the sea, many larger and smaller rivers, and one of the most beautiful natural areas - the Great Masurian Lakes.

It’s worth casting a rod here

Masurian Lake District is a magical place that at first sight can fascinate an angler. Numerous fish, living in the crystal clear waters of the lakes, will surely surprise us by their size and beautiful colour, and the lively nature will surprisingly soon allow us to establish close ties. Of course, much depends on the destination of our trip and what time of year we plan to make it. If we are dreaming of meeting huge fish it is very important to plan our trip in detail. However, if we are only dreaming of rest and contact with nature, Masurian District can offer it to us 365 days a year.

The best Masurian fisheries

Fishing in Masuria is an infinite number of possibilities - not without reason they are called the Land of the Thousand Lakes. We should not expect good results based only on a stroke of luck. We will definitely be better off by going to the proven fisheries - the ones that have become a fishing legend over the last few decades. 
In the northern part of the region the most interesting fisheries are mainly large lakes such as Mamry, Dargin and Kisajno, as well as large Dobsko lake, which is abundant in pikes. The central part of the Masurian District are primarily Niegocin and Jagodna, and in the south the best pike fishery in our country can be found - Śniardwy - known from all the fishing journals.
But if we want to escape from the most popular waters, our eyes should be directed towards the smaller lakes, scattered densely around. An example of such a reservoir can be Dadaj lake, located on the outskirts of the western part of the Masurian Lake District, or even Sasek Wielki lake close to Szczytno. In these areas we can count on both a good rest as well as meeting really big fish.

What fish to catch in Masuria?

The Lake District is primarily a land of predatory fish - huge pikes, perches, as well as zanders and catfishes. A spinning rod is must-have equipment, and a fishing method - an active search for fish. In the depths of the biggest lakes, you can also find huge breams, tenches or carps, and even so popular fish like roach can often surprise us with a really large size.

In order that everything goes according to our plan, even if we go for a short family getaway, we must make sure about the lake property we are going to fish - fishing licenses are generally sold in local shops, but we have to be aware that even two neighbouring lakes can have different owners, and consequently we will have to purchase two separate licenses. An important issue, especially when traveling to one of the larger lakes, is access to floating equipment. It’s worth checking twice if there is an option on a particular lake to hire a boat or pontoon. Without them, we can forget about catching big fish in virgin areas of a particular reservoir.