The most interesting dams. Where is it worth baiting a hook?

Dams are one of the most compelling fishing places. Diversified bottom characteristics in combination with generally standard waterline provide an angler with practically unlimited possibilities as regards a method of fishing.

What's important, as dams are artificial reservoirs, we can encounter them all the latitude and longitude of our country, so regardless of a region we go to, we can count on proximity to this type of facility. Undoubtedly, an advantage of dams is the fact that they are abundant in natural food, so the fish living in this habitat grow relatively fast, and very similar characteristics of the bottom of the entire dam, makes it easy to locate and catch them.

Fishing holidays

The May weekend is ahead of us and most of us are wondering how to spend it correctly. The sea and mountains are quite overfamiliar topics and it’s worth coming up with a slight “change of our surroundings”. The lakes of southern part of Poland are particularly good fishing spots, where we can find numerous dams. Most of them are true Eldorado for zander hunters - this species is particularly well adopted in artificial reservoirs due to a large number of spawn places at the bottom of the lake. Also varying depths are suitable for it (often reaching up to a dozen or even several dozen meters). Similar case is with the perch, which can be practically found in all waters. The fish of this species can reach over 50 centimetres in length, and the biggest ones can surprise us with their strength during angling. In the event of pikes and catfish is a different kind of story - although the both species live in dams of southern Poland, it is extremely difficult to catch them. Fortunately, the whitefish can compensate for that - countless large shoals of breams and roaches can be found near the shore, whereas old and several-dozen-kilo carps in the depths.

The best dams in Poland

While embarking on an adventure to look for true impressions, our eyes should definitely go down the map of Poland. The first stop is Słup - a retention reservoir located in the south-western part of the country near Legnica. Its surface area is relatively small and accounts for only 5km2, but the 20m depth is abundant with absolutely enormous fish. Heading a bit east we can come across the Turawa reservoir, which is a huge lake of up to 24km2, located in the vicinity of Opole. It is one of the best zandar fisheries in Poland, having well-developed agrotourist facilities. In the southern part of Poland Żywiec lake should attract our attention - a picturesque fishery full of zanders and carps. Going further, to the edges of south and east Poland, we can find Czorsztyn lake. It is highly valued and known by anglers for a large fish population, in particular, predatory ones. We can be sure that when we bait a hook we will experience a true adventure. It’s not necessary to travel far away to spend time nicely by the water. In the vicinity of practically every big city we can find dams, such as Zegrzyńskie Lake - near Warsaw. Perhaps it is not famous for its record fish, but it can provide us with what we really love - a time of real relaxation and peace in marvellous nature surroundings.