We practise the technique. Various ways to fish in the Oder river

The Oder is one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most unpredictable rivers in Poland. As a result of its geographical and natural characteristics anglers fall in love with this river at first sight.

Also, it is still one of the best fisheries in our country, abounding in beautiful and vigorous fish, which reward us for many hours of sacrifice and plenty of patience needed to find the right spot to catch fish.

In the land of fishing

The Oder is a relatively calm river that runs at a very similar pace throughout its length. Its source is in the Czech Republic where, in a small section, it is a mountain river. On the Polish side, the Oder begins to rise with other tributaries to flow through Lower Silesia as a vast, lowland river. This advantage, which is undoubtedly the varied character of the Oder, opens up to the anglers unlimited possibilities both in terms of the general way of fishing and the attitude towards catching a particular species of fish.

Fishing methods in the Oder

The most popular and most effective fishing technique in the Oder is feeder, i.e. leger method. Owing to the fact that the Oder is a very large river with a strong current, it is recommended to use rods of 360 or 390 cm length with a discharge weight of at least 100 and preferably 150 grams. It is also worth buying a special bait cage which allows fishing in deeper waters. While using the leger method, we can count on catching a large bream, chub, barbel, and often also carp.

Whereas spinning anglers appreciate the Oder for its banks formation. Countless bays create many spots where predators hunt for smaller fish. Pikes, zanders, perches and catfishes are the species most often caught here. Due to the strong water pull and deep depth, it is necessary to use a strong rod with a maximum cast weight of up to 50 grams (depending on the species of fish we want to catch)
The Oder also offers excellent conditions for anglers preferring the float method. In shallow bays and where the current slows down we can encounter many fish. Water pull is a great deal slower, thanks to that an angler can take advantage of lighter equipment. Both Bolognese and distance fishing methods can be a good choice, as long as we use an appropriate fishing rod.

Not only fishing

The unquestionable charm of the Oder, regardless of a geographical region it flows through, is its lively nature. Over thousands of years, this river has become home to hundreds of species of animals and birds. Also, in terms of landscape, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland, because it runs through the lowlands and forests. The sunrise by the Oder is always optimistic, and the sunset can often ponder. It's just a magical place that has not been completely discovered by man yet.